Biacore Engineer Expands iLab’s Service Capability

Biacore engineer, Steve Tyler
PRESS RELEASE 29/11/23 – iLab Solutions Ltd engineering team grows! On Monday 14th November, iLab Solutions welcomed new Field Service Engineer, Steve Tyler, to the team. Steve brings a wealth of knowledge to the team and will head our growth in the support of the Biacore range of instruments. James Bull, MD, stated: “Having Steve joins us represents our continued growth within the...
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Are you ready for September 2021?

Scientist cleaning protein purification system
As lockdown restrictions finally lift over the summer, how are you preparing for the return of undergraduate students and postgrad researchers to your teaching laboratories in September and beyond? Across the UK, some institutions allowed final year students to continue project work in research labs over the last lockdown, while other departments are preparing to admit new undergraduates and po...
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Process Scale Maintenance

Process scale maintenance - bioprocess chromatography system
New Maintenance and Repair Services for Process Manufacturing Chromatography & Ultrafiltration Systems. To complement our existing Analytical Scale FPLC service, iLab Solutions Ltd are excited to announce the new service, maintenance & repair of Process Scale Chromatography systems. Customers for our new services will typically use Millipore, Cytiva (formerly GE Life Sciences), Pall and...
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AKTA Recommissioning? We can help!

AKTA Express Re-Commissioning
Re-opening your lab after a rapid lockdown due to COVID-19? We know you may hit some snags when it comes to AKTA recommissioning! If you do, we offer troubleshooting by video or phone with one of our experienced engineers to talk you through simple steps you can try to get your AKTA back up and running. AKTA by Cytiva (formerly GE Life Sciences) are the workhorse systems in most labs performing a...
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IQ/OQ – Peace of Mind for New Equipment Installations

Service Engineer
Whether you are involved in manufacturing, transfer to manufacturing or R&D, if you work in a QC environment you’ve probably heard the term IQ/OQ. IQ (installation qualification) and OQ (operational qualification) are two independent and documented procedures used when a new piece of equipment or plant is being installed and commissioned for use. IQ/OQ  is used to check and test that a system ...
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Software Upgrade – Give your AKTA a Boost

Laboratory laptop
Give your older AKTA a boost with a software upgrade to Windows 7 or 10 OS We often talk to labs who are struggling to maintain the effectiveness of their systems because they are constrained by their software. It’s common to find older AKTA systems being controlled from lab PCs running on old Windows operating systems (XP or earlier) - with the associated networking and upgrade problems that brin...
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AKTA Preventative Maintenance – How important is it?

Preventative maintenance
You’ve selected your protein purification system, justified the capital expenditure and it’s installed and running in your lab. How can you ensure that you maximize your instrument investment and avoid the high costs associated with instrument failure?  (more…)
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Continued Support for AKTA Explorer

AKTA Explorer
What if you’re not ready or not able to move to the next generation of AKTA instruments? For many labs, AKTA Explorer is their workhorse instrument and upgrading isn't an option. There just isn’t the budget or necessity to replace an otherwise satisfactorily working system. The concern for many labs is GE's discontinued servicing of AKTA Explorer from December 2017. Robust and Reliable We know tha...
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AKTA Service & Support

We offer unrivalled service and support for AKTA™ Systems By Cytiva (formerly GE Life Sciences). Our experienced engineers and a full inventory of industry proven instrument spares mean we can be responsive to your needs.  We recognise the benefits to be gained from effective preventative maintenance (PM) regimes and how routine maintenance can optimise performance and maximize efficiency in yo...
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