Column Regeneration

iLab Solutions are excited to offer a new service to regenerate your old columns.

Partnering with ReGenGix, a spinoff from the University of Cagliari, Italy, we can now provide a mechanism for you to recycle and reuse your old columns – saving you money and contributing to your sustainability goals.


The ReGenFix treatment removes all stacked impurities from your column. Where necessary, they will unpack and repack the resin to give you back a calibrated and standardized column that will work perfectly like a brand-new one at a fraction of the price!

The ReGenFix procedure is much more than just an “in-place cleaning” of your columns. The most important feature of ReGenFix is the ability to dissolve also the most non-removable impurities that cause overpressure, stacking, and colour changing. ReGenFix also works on residual lipids and, in general, on hydrophobic and hydrophilic impurities from different sources.

After the ReGenFix treatment, your column will perform like a brand-new one. Blocked columns will get back to their normal working pressure, stained columns will get back their original colour, and columns with a compromised chromatography bed will get back their chromatographic resolution.

ReGenFix in Action

The video shows a QHP column with a resin stained by carotenoids. The column was used for protein purification from a raw fruit extract. ReGenFix is a necessary step to regenerate the resin prior to the next use.

Column Types

We can offer a wide range of regeneration services depending on the type of your chromatography columns. We cover all types of FPLC columns, in particular the expensive Size Exclusion chromatography pre-packed columns for GE AKTA systems (e.g., Superose 6, Superose 12. Superdex 75, Superdex 200, Sephacryl of every volume).


Columns can be regenerated with ReGenFix about 3-4 times or more depending on the condition under which the column was used.

All columns are returned back to the customer with a calibration report showing performance after regeneration:

A calibration report showing acetone and marker profile of a chromatography column after regeneration using ReGenFix
Calibration Report copyright ReGenFix s.r.l.