Are you ready for September 2021?

As lockdown restrictions finally lift over the summer, how are you preparing for the return of undergraduate students and postgrad researchers to your teaching laboratories in September and beyond?

Across the UK, some institutions allowed final year students to continue project work in research labs over the last lockdown, while other departments are preparing to admit new undergraduates and postdocs for the first time in the new autumn term.

How much or how little have your teaching labs have been in use over the last year? Have you had some equipment mothballed? As we head towards the end of the summer term, and look forward to a more normal academic year now is a good time to take stock of your lab kit and put in place any remedial work to make sure it is up and running at full capacity and performance for September.

If your lab has AKTAs controlled from old lab PCs running on Windows 7, XP or earlier we also offer a software upgrade service to move your AKTA systems onto Windows 10. Why not take advantage of the summer break to get your AKTAs upgraded before your lab gets back up to full activity? Find out more here

iLab Solutions are experts in all things AKTA. With our COVID-secure procedures, we can offer video or phone advice and troubleshooting, or work to your site requirements to conduct COVID-secure visits to make sure your equipment is serviced, repaired and running at peak performance.

A productive 2021/22 academic year depends on planning and preparation now, so why not give us a call?