AKTA Recommissioning? We can help!

Re-opening your lab after a rapid lockdown due to COVID-19? We know you may hit some snags when it comes to AKTA recommissioning! If you do, we offer troubleshooting by video or phone with one of our experienced engineers to talk you through simple steps you can try to get your AKTA back up and running.

AKTA by Cytiva (formerly GE Life Sciences) are the workhorse systems in most labs performing analytical chromatography. We hope you managed to shut down your lab effectively when lockdown hit, but if things weren’t left quite as you would like them, we can help get your instruments back up and running. Whether you need advice on flushing your system to remove crystallised salts, priming pumps, ensuring seals are leak-free or troubleshooting peak effects, our engineers have the experience and the knowledge to help. We’ve got a helpful post on good housekeeping routines you can follow to ensure your system is kept in peak condition.

From simple advice on fixes you can make yourself, through to an onsite AKTA recommissioning service, iLab Solutions covers everything AKTA. We will work with your staff to ensure COVID-19 safety measures are implemented and followed to keep everyone safe. We’ve already helped a number of labs virtually to get up and running again.

If you’re re-opening and worried about longer-term support for your instruments, why not give us a call to discuss your service, maintenance, repair or engineering requirements? We’ll be happy to work flexibly to suit your needs and your health and safety requirements. Take a look at the standard service packages we offer for AKTA by Cytiva (formerly GE Life Sciences) here, or contact us to discuss a custom package.