IQ/OQ – Peace of Mind for New Equipment Installations

Service Engineer
Whether you are involved in manufacturing, transfer to manufacturing or R&D, if you work in a QC environment you’ve probably heard the term IQ/OQ. IQ (installation qualification) and OQ (operational qualification) are two independent and documented procedures used when a new piece of equipment or plant is being installed and commissioned for use. IQ/OQ  is used to check and test that a system ...
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AKTA Preventative Maintenance – How important is it?

Preventative maintenance
You’ve selected your protein purification system, justified the capital expenditure and it’s installed and running in your lab. How can you ensure that you maximize your instrument investment and avoid the high costs associated with instrument failure?  (more…)
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Continued Support for AKTA Explorer

AKTA Explorer
What if you’re not ready or not able to move to the next generation of AKTA instruments? For many labs, AKTA Explorer is their workhorse instrument and upgrading isn't an option. There just isn’t the budget or necessity to replace an otherwise satisfactorily working system. The concern for many labs is GE's discontinued servicing of AKTA Explorer from December 2017. Robust and Reliable We know tha...
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