Continued Support for AKTA Explorer

AKTA ExplorerWhat if you’re not ready or not able to move to the next generation of AKTA instruments? For many labs, AKTA Explorer is their workhorse instrument and upgrading isn’t an option. There just isn’t the budget or necessity to replace an otherwise satisfactorily working system. The concern for many labs is GE’s discontinued servicing of AKTA Explorer from December 2017.

Robust and Reliable

We know that the AKTA Explorer is a robust and reliable system. Widely used for over a decade, its versatility and reliable operation make it an excellent choice for labs developing purification processes. In many cases, there’s no need to rush into an expensive upgrade. iLab Solutions’ service engineers are experienced in maintaining working AKTA Explorer systems and bringing problem or mothballed systems back on-line.

Continued Service & Support

We have many AKTA Explorers under service contract and will continue to offer preventative maintenance (PM), breakdown and service plans for the instrument indefinitely. Our network of independent suppliers of parts means we’re confident we can continue to offer great, cost-effective service for AKTA Explorers. iLab will support your Explorer as long as it is economically viable to keep the instrument running.

Our AKTA preventative maintenance service also applies to AKTA Prime, AKTA Prime Plus, Ettan, FPLC & AKTA Purifier.

Take a look at our range of service plans and give us a call if you’d like to explore the options available for your systems!

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