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Good Housekeeping Practice for Protein Purification Systems

We often refer to the instruments running protein purification techniques as the workhorses of the lab. Researchers rely on them to be up and running as standard. The great thing is that these instruments are actually quite simple to keep running well, as long as you follow some good housekeeping tips for sample preparation, buffer management,...

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IQ/OQ – Peace of Mind for New Equipment Installations

Whether you are involved in manufacturing, transfer to manufacturing or R&D, if you work in a QC environment you’ve probably heard the terms IQ (installation qualification) and OQ (operational qualification). When a new piece of equipment or plant is being installed and commissioned for use, IQ and OQ are two independent and documented procedures used to...

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New! Service and Support for Bio-Rad NGC

Bio-Rad NGC 10 and NGC 100 Medium Pressure Chromatography Systems are designed to meet a range of throughput and application needs, for scale-up analytical and preparative chromatography. iLab Solutions now offer preventative maintenance (PM), repair and support for these systems. Contact us to discuss your needs....

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