Our iEssential AKTA service plan gives you cost-effective for your AKTA system or systems.

AKTA Service engineer checking AKTA tubing connections

What’s included?

The iEssential AKTA service plan includes an annual preventative maintenance visit per system, with travel and labour included.

We also include a preventative maintenance kit containing all the standard PM parts for each system, so you can keep track of your PM costs. You can add as many systems as you want into the plan and we’ll schedule your PM visit for a time that’s convenient for you to minimise lab downtime.

Our iEssential plan keeps your systems up and running with regular preventative maintenance and provides you all the standard PM parts you need for one guaranteed price. This plan gives you the option to pay-as-you-go for additional parts or more extensive repairs so you can stay in control of your costs. Essential AKTA service; ideal for your lab’s workhorse systems.

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