Our iRepair AKTA service plan gives you the security of a break-down only service for your AKTA system or systems.

AKTA Repair

What’s included?

The iRepair AKTA service plan offers the option of 1, 2 or 3 repair visits only per year, with travel and labour included.

You can add as many systems as you want into the plan and request repair visits for any of the systems named on your contract, giving you the flexibility of one plan covering multiple systems for repair.

Repair visits include travel and labour only. All other parts are chargeable as fitted.

Our iRepair plan can get your systems back up and running with call-out fees covered and the choice of whether to proceed with more expensive repairs as they arise. We would always recommend an AKTA service plan that includes regular preventative maintenance,d but we recognise that some of our customers prefer the simplicity of break-down/repair only.

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