Our iComplete AKTA service plan gives you complete peace of mind for your AKTA systems. Comprehensive cover for a single system or a whole lab full!

AKTA Pure in lab with chromatography column for protein separation

What’s included?

The iComplete AKTA service plan includes an annual preventative maintenance visit per system, with all PM parts, travel and labour included. You can add as many systems as you want into thee plan and we’ll schedule your PM visits for a time convenient for you to minimise lab downtime.

In addition, your plan includes your choice of 1, 2 or 3 breakdown or repair visits per year. These visits include travel, labour and all parts fitted.

Our iComplete plan keeps your systems up and running with regular preventative maintenance and gives you the security of knowing that in the event of a problem, our dedicated engineers will be on hand to diagnose and repair your system. Complete AKTA service; complete peace of mind.

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