Software Upgrades – Give your FPLC a Boost

Give your older AKTA a boost with a software upgrade to Windows 7 or 10 OS

We often talk to labs who are struggling to maintain the effectiveness of their systems because they are constrained by their software. It’s common to find FPLC systems being controlled from lab PCs that are running on old Windows operating systems (XP or earlier) with the associated networking and upgrade problems that brings. You might have inherited an older system, recommissioned one that was mothballed or even purchased a refurbished unit. You could be looking at an old FPLC operating system that won’t run on newer versions of Windows, or have an old lab PC that’s beyond updating. To compound matters, you need software and hardware that’s compatible with your intranet.

We’ve helped labs extend the life of their faithful, older FPLCs by supplying a laptop running Windows 7 or 10, configured with the instrument strategies from their current system and with the latest FPLC operating software. There are a number of benefits to upgrading your Windows PC:

  • Faster data acquisition and processing
  • Laptop system to replace desktop – portable and multi-functional
  • Enables networking
  • Easy to install future software upgrades.

iLab Solutions’ fully trained service engineers will move over your method library, ensure your instrument is recognised and liaise with your IT department to ensure security compliance and data protection. If you’d like to future-proof your faithful, older FPLC, why not contact us now for a no-obligation quote? Contact us: Contact